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First-person puzzle adventure game meets GB style!

Change log :


Thank for 10,000 HIT!

EXIT updated with new levels,

bug fixes and performance improvement!

Thanks again, Hope you enjoy!


Windows and macOS builds are added!

If you exprience control or visual issues in WebGL,

please download and play PC version.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(53 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsFirst-Person, GBJam, Horror, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


EXIT_Mac.zip 76 MB
EXIT_1.7_Windows.zip 68 MB


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can someone help me? am stuck on the rooftop route on the second pipe room with all the shelfs, it has a room to the right that has the laptop, I turned all the smoke off but I cant access the laptop, the laptop has 59 on it and 60 card on top of it 

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oop im stuck in le bathroom.

Fuck this shit i'm out 

alright thenπŸ‘‰('~')πŸ‘‰

mail: wimp

sincerely, nukespoon.

me? wimp? HUUUUUU ('[]^[]')

-intense hacking-

-computer explodes-

 so, this is what happens when i set my currency to -1 bobux.

ooo fire. i touchy UwU. 

ima sit on dis table.

-2 hours later-

-flashlight turns off- 


what is the password dammit


holy shit




I got ladders in the underground level and I don't know what to do with them like I was thinking I should get up on the rooftop and use the ladders but I'm pretty sure that I cant go back and it is really dark I wish you can make the flashlight brighter that would help a lot anyway I'm stuck like them and I'm not sure what to do anymore  

I'm kinda stuck on the rooftop route

Ok I have a new problem I can't get... the final puzzle. With the rooftop. And the arial vehicle. (Trying not to spoil!) What do I do to get in it??

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I can't get past the room with the "32 92 43 81" I've tried every combination I can think of. Can someone help?

Edit:Figured it out!

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What is it then?


who is here in 2020

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No-one, we are alone and always will be. the sheeple have moved onto games like Outlast 2 and Slender the arrival to quench their horror thirst. But you and I? we are the last stand against AAA supremacy, the olden folk who protect and uphold the sacred tradition of Indie Horror with retro aesthetic. Who shall remember games like Babysitter blood-bath and Lost in Vivo? of course it will fall upon our bare shoulders as we suffer through eons of advancements in both Jumpscare sims like FNAF and AAA garbage like Outlast 2 but we might not survive the coming years as we both know deep down that we are not capable of surviving another weeb horror craze fueled by the Smart Japanese Bastards at Capcom who created Resident Evil 2 Remake, but thankfully so the faith in Capcom to create horror classics is starting to die down due to their over confidence in Resident Evil 3 Remake which flopped in the eyes of fans. So lets hope brother that our church shall Prevail, if not well I guess there's always alternatives like low tier SCP games and Fnaf Clones.

TL;DR read the fucking reply you lazy cunt

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Chill out, dude. 

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No, I don't think I will, "dude"

Dude, seriously, stop being a man-child and be quiet


And your evidence of me being a man-child?

I shall join the resistance.


Ah, a new recruit welcome to the cause Brother. May good indie games light your path in the darkest night, and may garbage games hide away in fright.

I am grateful for your wishes. I wish the same to you.

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I merrily accept your invitation of good wishes, and humbly request you Vote Libertarian Brother. As our cause is a Libertarian one, as an open market free from governmental regulation can produce more indie horror games. Good day Brother


indeed brother. may your overreaction take a chill-pill. i am a libertarian tho. good game. later skater.

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Chill pills are for dog-faced pony solider, s k a t e r.

i shall join le resistance


Bro, this isn't a Youtube comment section.

Deleted 1 year ago

I understand that this is not a Youtube comment section, This is a Comment section for a sub-par indie title on itch.io.


I'm here in 2020 :D And I created account just for reply to u :DD


Very intriguing game, and I love the aesthetic, good job :]

Fantastic game.  Solid presentation.  Intuitive scare atmosphere.  No enemies needed.  The soundtrack itself.  That makes it.  Schway job.  

I finished the rooftop ending, it's hella cute :3


bro where the f**k is my D O O R


This game was surprisingly very good I was expecting not as good graphics and more lag but it is great. It exceeded my expectations.


i went to go to the rooftop and if u walk next tothe desk with the laptop u will walk through the wall and just fall into nothing forever please fix

Hey there! I'd love to talk about the possibility of getting this game featured on Armor Games. If you're interested, please send me an email: Jupiter@ArmorGames.com




this looks like Firewatch but is 8 bit

Really neat stuff, nice visuals.

Hey, can I host your game on my site? pm please at contact@gogameout.com

This is really cool! :) Thanks for your work


Brightness needs work. While it's technically 4 shades the brightest two are indistinguishable, reducing the effective number to 3 shades.


My Let's Play play through:



Gave it a go...


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The puzzles are clever but the visual style made it hard to see sometimes ,and i fell like the flashlight was not nedded since it only makes it even harder to see,but overall it is a clever puzzle game.


Just wanted to say thanks for this atmospheric puzzle adventure. I did a video and wrote and article on it here - http://retrogamingmagazine.com/2016/10/30/minimalist-game-fans-check-exit-now/

Made a video of this game here! :D


재밌게 ν”Œλ ˆμ΄ ν–ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ—”λ”© μž˜λ΄€μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€ μ—”λ”© λ…Έλž˜κ°€ μ’‹λ„€μš”



I loved the graphic style! I just wished this wasn't tagged as a horror game. Sure there's a creepy atmosphere, but the scariest part of the game is how tough the last puzzle is! Still looks gorgeous though!


*Rawr* Hello everyone! I made a Let's Play of this game, although it deceptively made me think it was going to be a horror game! It was just horror-esque in Vision, but it was pure puzzles! XD I couldn't get through them all, got stuck on one of them. I'm not too keen or the best on puzzles - still had fun. Hope people also enjoy my video, found below!


Super hard pixilated first person puzzle game!
Got myself beyond the "32 92 43 81"-room but after that I got stuck.

Stay Rad Everybody!!


Brilliant game, really like the puzzles, although I got stuck on 32 92 43 81 room.

Hint: The numbers don't matter. In fact, the answer is not numbers, but in the name of the game.


Wow, is this really 160 x 144 pixels? Pretty impressive if it is. Its neat but the limited view gives me a headache. I got to the 1=5, 3=7 room before I got stuck and had to stop. Still, very cool.


I really like this, but couldn't figure out the puzzle in the big room with the two bathrooms. :( Really good, though!


As a hint, the race car symbolizes "F1". Google the multiplication problem and you will find that it is the dimensions for something.