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First-person puzzle adventure game meets GB style!

Change log :


Windows and macOS builds are added!

If you exprience control or visual issues in WebGL,

please download and play PC version.

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Published18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, HTML5
Tagsadventure, First-Person, GBJam, Horror, puzzle, Retro
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


EXIT_Windows.zip (42 MB)
EXIT_Mac.zip (58 MB)


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재밌게 플레이 했습니다. 엔딩 잘봤습니다 엔딩 노래가 좋네요


I loved the graphic style! I just wished this wasn't tagged as a horror game. Sure there's a creepy atmosphere, but the scariest part of the game is how tough the last puzzle is! Still looks gorgeous though!


*Rawr* Hello everyone! I made a Let's Play of this game, although it deceptively made me think it was going to be a horror game! It was just horror-esque in Vision, but it was pure puzzles! XD I couldn't get through them all, got stuck on one of them. I'm not too keen or the best on puzzles - still had fun. Hope people also enjoy my video, found below!


Super hard pixilated first person puzzle game!
Got myself beyond the "32 92 43 81"-room but after that I got stuck.

Stay Rad Everybody!!


Brilliant game, really like the puzzles, although I got stuck on 32 92 43 81 room.


Wow, is this really 160 x 144 pixels? Pretty impressive if it is. Its neat but the limited view gives me a headache. I got to the 1=5, 3=7 room before I got stuck and had to stop. Still, very cool.


I really like this, but couldn't figure out the puzzle in the big room with the two bathrooms. :( Really good, though!


As a hint, the race car symbolizes "F1". Google the multiplication problem and you will find that it is the dimensions for something.